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The 4th MSR International Arts Festival Serial Activities

The 4 th China (Quanzhou)
Maritime Silk Road International Brand Expo

April 18 to 22, 2018   Shishi Clothing City Exhibition Art Center ,China

Tea and Rattan Art Exhibition Hall

  As part of Quanzhou City, with 3057.28 square kilometers of land area, Anxi County consists of 24 towns, including 472 villages(communities). Anxi is a county of distinctive characteristics which can be summarized as “Three counties, Three hometowns, Four advantages.”
  Three counties: Firstly, Anxi is awarded as a Millennium Ancient County. It was founded in 955 A.D, almost 1062 years ago. Secondly, Anxi is a county of huge population. The current population of Anxi is 1.18 million, ranking third in Fujian Province. Meanwhile, Anxi is a propitious place for giving births to great men. There are numerous excellent representatives of Anxi people springing out generation after generation, such as Li Guangdi, famous Prime Minister in Qing dynasty, Lin Sihuan, writer of Kouji, Zhuang Xiquan and Luo Haocai, former vice presidents of CPPCC, Zhuang Yanlin, former Chairman of Returned Overseas Chinese, Lin Jun, current Chairman of Returned Overseas Chinese and Mo Ye, writer of Yan’an Song. Thirdly, Anxi is one of the Top 100 Best Counties in China. Anxi used to be the largest national poverty-stricken county in Fujian province in 1985, but after thirty years of great-leap-forward development, it continues to be a member of the Top 100 Best Counties of China (ranking 65), the Top 100 Counties for Potential Investment of China(ranking 25) and  the Top 100 Innovation&Creation Counties of China since 2010. Besides, Anxi is one of the Top 10 Best Counties of Fujian Province.
  Three Hometowns: Firstly, Anxi is the hometown of famous tea. As the origin of Tie Guanyin, the hometown of Chinese Oolong Tea(famous tea), Anxi has 600 thousand mu of total tea garden area, accounts for 1.55% in China, and its annual output of tea reaches 68.5 thousand tons, accounts for nearly 3% in China. The Tea-related Output Value of Anxi increases to 14.8 billion, continuing to top the list of Important Tea Producing Counties for eight consecutive years which makes Anxi far worthy of its name of the first County of China on tea industry. Anxi Tie Guanyin ranks first on the List of Famous Geological Brands of China with a brand value of 142.438 billion yuan and gets elected to be one of the Top 10 Regional Shared Tea Brands of China. Its brand slogan is “Anxi Tie Guanyin: Good in taste, Light in body”. Secondly, Anxi is the hometown of Rattan and Iron Arts. Over 120 thousand people devote themselves into this industry. The annual output reaches over 13 billion yuan. The craft works are exported to over 50 countries and regions, accounts 40% of the total transaction amount in the world. Anxi wins the reputation of “Capital of Rattan and Iron Arts” and “Industrial Base of Household Art-works in China ”. Thirdly, Anxi is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. There are more than 4 million overseas Chinese in Taiwan and foreign countries whose hometown is Anxi. Of which 2.5 million currently settle down in Taiwan and account for 11.7% of its total population. Wang Yongqing, Xu Shegnfa, Lin Tingsheng of Taiwan, Tang Yu of Singapore, Lin Wutong of Malaysia, Li Shangda and Li Luda of Indonesia all come from Anxi County.  
  Four advantages: Firstly, Anxi holds an environmental advantage. As the origin of Jin River, Anxi county has a very good environmental ecosystem. The forest coverage rate reaches 65.58%, which makes Anxi win the prize of Ecological Protection County of China, National Garden County, Top 10 Cities of Ecological Protection in China, Famous Cultural&Tourism County of China, the Most Beautiful County of China 2014, Top 10 Most Beautiful Tea Hometowns of China 2016, Top 10 Livable Counties of China 2016, Top 100 Ecological Protection Cities of China 2017, Top 10 Beautiful Counties of Fujian Province,  National Garden County, Fujian Provincial Forest County, Civilized County and so forth. Secondly, Anxi county holds a position advantage. It bounds to Quanzhou from the East, Xiamen from the South, Zhangzhou from the West,Longyan from the North. With bordering on “Four Cities and Six Counties”(Yongchun and Nanan of Quanzhou, Tongan of Xiamen, Changtai and Huaan of Zhangzhou, Zhangping of Longyan), four express ways cross Anxi county, and bring Anxi county into the “Half-Hour Economical Zone” of Xiamen and Quanzhou. The 10 exchange gates (the most in the province) contribute to the convenient transportation of  Anxi county, which make it easily to reach all the destination in land and ports. Thirdly, Anxi county has a industrial advantage. The construction of Five-plus Zones (Hutou Optoelectronic Industrial Park, China International Information Technology Fujian Industrial Park, Xiamen&Quanzhou Economical Cooperation Zone Huli Park, Siming Park and Hongqiao Zhigu E-Commerce Park) are experiencing a flourishing development. The newly-emerging high technologies like optoelectrionic industry, optobiology, information technology consolidates the leading position of Anxi county in Fujian Province and pave the way for the industrial transformation for Anxi. Besides, a series of national and provincial level industrial parks and platforms including the National Center for Tea quality and Safety Engineering, Fujian Provincial Farmers Incubation Park, Fujian Quanzhou National Agricultural technology Park(Tea Park) are propitious to the concentration of investment, resource, talents, technologies and programs. Fourthly, Anxi county holds service advantage. The government of Anxi county sticks to the ideal that “one’s access to wealth benefits the development of the region” as their guidance for investment promotion, to provides special care and policies for major programs, even dispatch unique program service system for each enterprise in a way of service as a housekeeper or a maternity-matron. Therefore a much more civilized and open investment environment could be constructed.